Debut Commences Airborne Geophysical Survey

09 Sep 2011

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – September 9, 2011 – Debut Diamonds Inc. (“Debut”, the Company) is pleased to announce that Tundra Airborne Surveys Ltd. has mobilized to commence a high-sensitivity/high-resolution airborne magnetic survey over its 229 square kilometre claim block immediately to the north and west of the De Beers Victor Mine. The survey will also cover an additional 495 square kilometre area adjacent to the claim block as well as a 295 square kilometre area of interest to the south of the Victor Mine.

“The discovery potential of the Attawapiskat area is already well established by the presence of the De Beers Victor Diamond Mine and Metalex Ventures Inc. recent discovery of the T1 and U2 Kimberlite pipes 70 kilometres to the west of Victor,” said Debut President Chris Meraw. “It’s exciting to be renewing our exploration efforts in the region and Debut looks forward to the survey results over this highly prospective area.”

Consultant geophysicists Scott Hogg & Associates from Toronto, Ontario are overseeing the survey providing quality assurance and quality control as well as processing the data using their GT-Grid software system, specifically designed to work with the Heli-GT airborne system. The survey is expected to require approximately 30 days of continuous flying. Geophysical data will be processed and interpreted as the survey progresses. It is expected that this survey will detect subtle magnetic features associated with kimberlite pipes in areas where the magnetic noise overwhelmed previous surveys.

The survey will be flown with the Heli-GT, a 3-axis magnetic gradiometer system developed by Scott Hogg & Associates Ltd. The system incorporates a 4 sensor array of Scintrex CS-3 magnetometers at 3 metre separation. A 3-axis magnetic fluxgate is included for magnetic compensation. Bird pitch, roll and yaw measurement are recorded to enable gradient correction to geo-referenced coordinates; east, north and vertical. The GPS antennae and radar altimeter are located on the bird for precise measurement location. All of the recorded information is transmitted digitally to the helicopter where a custom designed computer system logs the data and provides navigation information. The survey consists of 14,500 line kilometres at 75 metre spacing.

This Press Release contains forward-looking statements regarding development of Debut’s projects that may involve a number of risks and uncertainties, including market conditions. Actual events or results could differ materially from Debut’s forward-looking statements and expectations herein.

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