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Logistics Report Titan MT Survey over Koper Lake by Quantee Geoscience

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This report presents the logistics of the Titan MT survey completed from 19/01/2023 to 11/02/2023 over
the Koper Lake Project by Quantec Geoscience Ltd. on behalf of KWG Resources Inc.

The report describes the instrumentation, data acquisition and processing procedures, final data formats
and contents of the digital archives. The final processed data are also presented as pseudo-depth plots of
apparent resistivity and chargeability, Magnetotelluric (MT) sounding curves of apparent resistivity and
phase, etc.

A total of 20 profiles were surveyed. Data were processed and inspected for quality assurance on site and
reviewed daily by the geophysicist in charge of the project.

The final processed survey results delivered with the report include:
GPS Data
Multi-site ASCII survey files
Each file includes location (Latitude/Longitude, projected UTM and local GRID
coordinates) and elevation details of every single electrode of the survey.

Magnetotelluric (MT) Data
Single site data in the Electrical Data Interchange (EDI) format containing the MT spectra
at each frequency.